Love Gets Boring

Author: Varsha Pokle

Love gets boring….! It truly does, I am saying this out of experience. I am happily married in love. It’s been 6 long years of marriage, before that we knew each other for 10 long years,
so how do we keep this going strong and keep that spark alive…difficult indeed.

Love marriage or arrange marriage or be it any love relation, things start to get boring as it becomes monotonous.we human beings definitely need variety as it is spice of life.
So i believe every relation and the people involved in it need to take efforts to do something special and different every now and then. In-fact, we as a individual also need to keep on exploring and learning newer things, meet new people.

So to say about marriages, there could be say a particular day or event you celebrate or randomly celebrate love. Like we somehow ended up starting this funny ritual of getting married every 3 years in different style…we till now have married thrice.

First was a “bhaag ke shaadi” types a court marriage.
Second was a “Muslim wedding” because my better half is better half of known religions.

Third and recent one was a “Retro style wedding” all crazy bunch of people dressed up in theme and enjoying every bit of it.

Point is what you do different to make the same thing not the same thing…you getting me right.
You can start with as small as a special meal at a special place on a particular date, like we also celebrate our monthly anniversary
“monniversary” as we call it, this date is our wedding date celebrated every month.

Or maybe cook up something together or for each other, or shop surprises or maybe create something from your own creative juices.

Trust me there are so many things but quite often we are busy thinking about things we cannot do much about.
So next time think creative, think love, think different, let’s not get boring guys!

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