Marriage and motherhood could be a liberating too

Author: Geetanjali Khedekar

I learnt that nobody can stop you, until and unless you want to stop

I am Geetanjali, a Mother of 2 boys; a six-year-old and another one year old; a home-maker and a very loving wife and a loving daughter-in-law. I didn’t write loving for mother coz mothers are always loving. They are the supreme being who have the power to absorb all your negativities and turn you into an innocent, loving child, whatever your age might be. These are my thoughts about MOTHERS since I went into labour for the first time and till day when harassed by my two naughty boys or taken for granted by them. Deep in my heart I go in an apology mode towards my mom coz I have done the same and all the kids in the world do the same till the day comes when they themselves become parents of “a little bundle of joy”.

As they say, when you are in trouble and confused and you don’t know what to do and how to handle the situation, there comes your MOTHER to your rescue. As always, she’s always there when you fall sick, when you don’t perform in exams, when you break-up with your boyfriend!

But actually, I didn’t start writing today to talk about mothers, but you see, the topic is so heartwarming and soul stirring that you get carried away!

Anyway, when I thought to write something about womanhood, I thought why not just go through my pages of life and recount some turning points which you too will associate with.
I got married at a quite young age. I was just 20 years old then! I fell in love with this guy and was loved back by his family too. Things took a turn when all of sudden, his mother passed away. We knew each other for 1.5 years by then. As there was no woman in the house of, we had to marry in a hurry. By the way, I forgot to tell that my husband is a traditional business family. I was the youngest in the family, now the only LADY of the household. I had always heard that marriage takes away all your freedom. You are no more your carefree self. I was in the traditional family hence I stopped wearing jeans and skirts. When not wearing skirts why bother wax? I actually stopped waxing my legs! My confidence had dipped a little. The same thing was happening to me. I was no more my real self. I was managing to be a wife and a daughter-in-law. One day I decide that I can’t be happy this way. I should and must live my life the way I want. Giving due respect to everyone, I began dressing up the GEETANJALI way! As I had imagined, my new family loved my uniqueness and my individuality!

Next was the fear of motherhood. You know with the weight-gain and stretch marks and figure change and all. I had heard that post-pregnancy, you do not get time for yourself. I didn’t understand when women used to say “earlier we used to do this and do that”. This used to word hit me hard all the time. Motherhood came. I became a mom to a lovely baby boy. Initially it was a battle to adjust to new routine life, weight of body and ever demanding baby. Sometimes I cracked too, but pledged myself not to wear or buy any oversized clothes. I slogged hard in the gym and came back to my old size. Wearing the same pre-pregnancy clothes gave me the confidence no Shiv Khera book could give. (Now I know why women are so touchy about their weight..). I joined dance classes, danced on every popular bollywood number, did yoga, swam and played a lot with my baby. I was again Geetanjali. I had not changed, which ACTUALLY made me happy.
Enjoying these days, people used to say she has just one child thus she can manage to take care of herself. I wanted to prove them wrong. Viola! I was pregnant yet again! I really thought may-be this one is not going to be easy. Hardly any time slot in 24 hours left for yourself you see! But my second one arrived. More happiness was added in the family and more zing to my personality coz I am a mother of two yet I enrolled for taekwondo (earned my yellow belt with A grade now), did my jogging, managed to reduce a lot of weight and actually enjoyed being with my two boys.

Thus, starting on this journey of womanhood, I learnt that nobody can stop you, until and unless you want to stop. Being you is important. Preserve your special identity. Don’t get lost in the maze. These are the beautiful turning points of your life from where life takes happier turns coz with every turn, more love is added to your life. I triumphed! I love my life! I love being me! I love being GEETANJALI!

My Mantra of life: Age is just a number, it’s just in your mind coz you are as young as you believe to be.

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