Being an entertainment reporter

Author: Debarati Palit Singh

Entertainment reporting means meeting celebs! Entertainment reporting means glamour! Entertainment reporting means great contacts!

Let’s make one thing clear, entertainment reporting may sound very exciting (meeting actors and actress) but it’s a challenging job and can get boring at times. To get in entertainment journalism, one has to very aggressive, alert and well versed with the subject (stars gets offended if you ask them foolish questions or making conversations).

Thanks to my interest in films and television (I do not miss a single film or serial), it was very natural for me to follow the beat. I always followed entertainment news, gossips, interviews. Over the years, I had some good, bad and memorable experiences. When started off my career in 2006, my first assignment was to interview Salman Khan who was in Pune to promote ‘Being Human’ with his own football team. He was supposed to reach at 4.30 pm but had finally arrived around 9.00 pm. Because I was trainee reporter, I took it up as a challenge to interview him. Getting past celebrities is a big task, they are surrounded by several body-guards who will not let any get close to them. After the match I waited till 11.00 pm or so, several times asked him for an interview but in vain. The day ended with me not getting the interview. That was my first real-task of getting close to a celebrity. Over the years I have realized that one has to be very aggressive and alert in this beat. Sometimes we will get an interesting or breaking news at a film shoot, events or through sources. Watch out for stories whenever celebrities are present.

Some of these actors are pretty nice and warm. I remember once interviewing Reitesh Deshmukh while he was shooting in the city. I had to interview him in his vanity van; I first question he asked me was are you comfortable interviewing inside the vanity van. I was so impressed with him that he is my fav actor. My most memorable one is meeting the legendary Asha Bhosale. At the age of 80, she is full of life, humour and determination. Every time I meet her, I get to learn so much. Her strength, sense of humour, humble attitude and the list goes on.

Sometimes this beat can get tiring; waiting for several hours for these personalities, dealing with their body guards, secretaries, PR’s can be tough job. These people love the media when their films are releasing and hate us when there is no nothing going on in their life.


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