Pampa Roy’s Magical Canvas

Women diaries met a wonderful budding artist, Pampa Roy, who creates magic on canvas. Her paintings are bright and cheerful. We met up with her to talk about her passion, her paintings.


Painting is an extension of man’s means of communication. As such, it’s pure, difficult, and wonderful.” – Sidney Nolan

What does paintings mean to you?

To me, painting is a way of self-expression. It’s a way to communicate an idea, an emotion, or a purpose of my work to the viewer. Art to be precise gives

me endless possibilities of bringing an abstract thought to life! It’s amazing what we’re capable of once we put our minds to something.

Where do you get the inspiration to paint from? 

I draw inspiration from variety of sources like people, nature, traditions, culture and like to experiment them with colours and patterns. I believe that one of the easiest ways to get inspired is to surround yourself with things that uplift your spirit and inspire your soul. My paintings have an easily recognizable style, filled with vibrant hues and joyful compositions.  I want people to feel elevated emotionally when they look at my paintings.

What do you like to paint the most? Any specific subject which appeals to you the most?

I find comfort in painting human faces, figurines, and deities mostly as it displays the vividness of the personality and emotion. The endless possibilities of body shapes, forms and expressions make the subject of the human figure an enduring one for me.

Who is your favourite artist and why? 

Jamini Roy has been a great influence in my artistic career and his works are close to my heart. I truly admire his work for its simplicity and naturalness. I have tried to emulate his signature style of making large eyes that almost seem to come out of the frame through my paintings; one way to commemorate this great artist!

What are some of your favourite works of an artist and why?  

One of my most favourite works of art is Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I simply loved the use of symbolism and expressive use of colour and colour scheme in the painting.

Twin flame soul mates – by Pampa Roy

What makes you, YOU?

Exuberantly and cheerfully are the way I like to live and the way I like to paint. I am inspired by the simple things in life and captivated by the love, beauty and colours surrounding us. I love to create cheerful and bright paintings that add a little more colour and happiness to our lives. My wish is to have the audience experience the energy of colour and harmony that transcends from my paintings. As an artist, I am learning and growing every day. As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

You take classes for kids too. Tell me something about your experience teaching the little ones.

I believe art is a child’s first written language. They have a creative spirit and imagination others tend to lose as they grow up. Many famous artists have tried to duplicate the way children paint and draw knowing that children have a true artistic bravery, unafraid and unabashed. Allowing children to demonstrate their creativity in any task celebrates the child’s uniqueness and self-expression. I have the wonderful opportunity to share art with children and watch this process unfold. And the experience I have gained so far is truly magical. To sum up, I would like to say that creativity is not just aesthetics, or the arts, but a skill that all of us possess. We all have the capacity for creative thinking or seeing the world around us in different perspectives. Everyone can be exposed on how to think creatively, and Art is the perfect way to start!





Women diaries would like to thank you and wish you a colourful and bright future ahead!






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