Photography was my calling

Author: Sridevi M Patil

It all started during college when most of my friends had taken the plunge in Chartered Accountancy. And then, some of them were into Management studies. Somehow, I was more inclined towards all things arts than the boring number crunching. And this is how my quest towards doing something different started.

Once during a lazy afternoon, I ventured out and made my way past the many books that a local raddiwalah had on display. My eyes fell on a photography magazine. The rest is history!

I am glad photography happened to me. It was a ‘recluse-turned-rebel’ situation for me. Well not completely a rebel; but photography made me go out and explore life in all its frenzy. Taste the variety it offers. Innovate the way I see. Imagine like never before. And last but not the least, make stunning images. Images that touch people. Images that communicate with people.

My monthly savings helped me enrol into a basic photography course and buy a new camera with detachable lenses. I started everything that appealed to my eyes. Photographing people brought me closer to them. Capturing the street life made me believe that we are blessed to be living in homes. Taking pictures of birds and flowers made me appreciate the inspiring beauty of nature. Food photography taught me that it is the detailing that matters. Child photography made me a lifelong lover of innocence! And the journey, till date, goes on…

The passion for photography continued to increase and I realised that I needed adequate family support and advanced gear to keep going. I was blessed to get both and I made all efforts to ensure that I kept getting both – literally! I would show my parents photo  shoots on TV, discuss photography with my siblings and save up some more from my salary to buy more gear. Marriage happened and today my husband plays a major role in pushing me to take up photography assignments.

What started as a passion a few years back ago has turned into a beautiful and gradually growing photography business. My husband travels with me and we assist each other during our photography ventures. Currently we specialise in Candid Wedding Photography ( and take on assignments from couples who are deeply, madly and truly in love and wish to have a hatke wedding album. I can confidently say that people are impressed with my work and many are surprised to see a ‘woman photographer’ calling the shots during a wedding. We also love child photography & enjoy clicking baby pictures a lot! Our client become our friends, and thus begins a journey of making memories for lifetime…


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